Your family hotel Zugspitz Resort with water slides in Tyrol

Welcome to the water slide paradise in Ehrwald!

Splashing is passé: this summer is all about sliding! The family-friendly Zugspitz Resort in Ehrwald, Tyrol, offers no fewer than 5 water slides in a water adventure world that spans 700 m2 – from the dual-lane racing slide Body2Racer to a tube slide, an open slide for children, TRIO slide and of course the elephant slide for the tiniest guests in the baby pool! For action-packed water fun at your hotel with water slides in Tyrol!

  • 120 m dual-lane racing slide Body2Racer (from the age of 6)
  • Sliding in the adventure pool:
    • Tube slide (approx. 30 m in length): from the age of 6
    • Open children’s slide (approx. 15 metres in length): age 4 - 12
    • TRIO slide: Freefall slide, extra-wide slide & wavy slide (from the age of 5)
  • Baby pool with Speedo elephant slide
Kinderwasserwelt mit Rutschen Kinderwasserwelt mit Rutschen

The water slides at the family hotel Zugspitz Resort

Up the slide and.... GO!

From adventure pool to baby pool: water slides are everywhere at the Zugspitz Resort in Ehrwald, Tyrol. We are proud to call ourselves a water slide paradise, where guests of all ages are free to enjoy themselves to their heart’s content, even racing each other on the slide if needs be! The highlight of our water slide world is the dual-lane racing slide Body2Racer with its 2 tubes, a height of 11 metres and a length of 120 metres. But all or our other slides in the adventure pool also promise unlimited sliding fun. At the family hotel Zugspitz Resort with water slides in Tyrol, every day is more exciting than the one before! So – which slide will you try out first?

Kinder in der Wasserrutsche Kinder auf der Wasserrutsche

The dual-lane Body2Racer racing slide

Sliding fun for 2

The Body2Racer racing slide (from the age of 6) in the family-friendly Hotel Zugspitz Resort in Ehrwald means business. Starting at a height of 11 metres, the two slides with a total length of 120 metres are right next to each other. A light signal will tell you when the race is about to begin and you will whiz down the tube, first without seeing your opponent – but eventually they will show up next to you, and that's when things will really start to heat up. Once you’ve crossed the finishing line, the clock will tell you who has won – and who has lost! Want revenge? Then have another go! A one-of-a-kind adventure at the family hotel Zugspitz Resort with water slides.

Kinder auf Wasserrutsche Kinder auf Wasserrutsche

Slide to your heart’s content in the adventure pool and baby pool

Sliding fun for all age groups

At the Zugspitz Resort in Tyrol with its 5 water slides, the young and young-at-heart will have lots of fun. In addition to the racing slide for adrenaline junkies, there are 3 more slides to look forward to in the adventure pool, all of them with different lengths and shapes, from the 30 m tube slide to the 15 m open children’s slide and the TRIO slide with three slides next to each other (freefall, extra-wide and wavy slide).  And the little ones will love the Speedo elephant slide in the baby pool, where they can explore the element of water in an age-appropriate way, all at the family hotel Zugspitz Resort in Tyrol.  Unlimited water fun for all the family!