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Snow park, fun slope and much more
Der Snowpark von oben aus gesehen Skifahrer im Snowpark

Playgrounds for freestyle

The fun parks around the Zugspitze

Freestyle fans will love the great boarding and freestyle options in the Zugspitz Arena. There are no fewer than six funparks and snowparks located around the Tyrolean Zugspitze, which attract a mainly young public to have fun on the pistes. The most popular attraction is the Ehrwalder Alm snowpark, which has an impressive three kickers and two stretches with different levels of difficulty. At the Zugspitz Resort you are just a few minutes away from the exciting snowparks in Tyrol.

Ausblick auf den Snow Park von oben Skifahrer im Snowpark

Fun in the snowpark

Ehrwalder Alm

In the immediate vicinity of your holiday resort you will find a great snowpark in Ehrwald, the Ehrwalder Alm snowpark, a place where snowboarders and skiers enjoy endless fun jumping and shredding on the pistes.

The snowpark is situated on the Ehrwalder Alm directly alongside the Klämmli drag lift. A funpark full of playful and fun elements runs along the entire length of the lift down into the valley for 420 metres. Here different difficult lines await shredders, with the highlight being the only medium line run, which leads along a track cut through the forest. On the large line along the piste there are three large jumps to tackle before you are standing by the lift again – so you have to get in and do the next run before the lifts close. Whether they are beginners or professionals, every freestyler will find their own individual challenge at the Betterpark Ehrwald.

Schifahrer im Familypark

Other funparks

In the ski regions around the Zugspitze

In addition to the park in Ehrwald, there are other parks in the Zugspitze ski areas. The snow park at the Wettersteinbahn offers various kickers and rails as well as a halfpipe. In the Berwang-Bichlbach-Rinnen ski area, freestylers can enjoy an obstacle park at the Thanellerkar lift. If you want to ride boardercross, you will find a suitably prepared run including kickers in Biberwier-Marienberg. A small fun run also awaits in the Lermoos-Grubigstein ski area at the Plattensteig lift, where there is a wave run and natural kickers. On the Bavarian side, skiers and snowboarders can let off steam in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen ski area at the Hexenkesselbahn on around 6,500 m².

Would you like to prove your skills in one of the fun parks in Tyrol and Bavaria? Then send a no-obligation inquiry to the Zugspitz Resort and enjoy fun and action in the snow fun parks on the Tiroler Zugspitze.

Skifahrer im Funslope Park Skifahrer im Funslope

Action and variety-filled skiing holidays in Ehrwald

High five on the funslope

Had enough of skiing on the pistes? Fancy some variety? It is only a matter of time until at least the younger winter sports lovers need a break from pizza slices etc. And just between ourselves, now and then the older ones also feel like a bit of action away from the usual pistes. So where’s the best place to go with all this motivation?

Obviously, the funpark on the Ehrwalder Alm!

Because here the funslope awaits, and with it many different fun elements distributed over 650 metres, so you can tackle the waves and banked turns, ideally all day long. Up and down, up and down. And with so much fun the younger skiing visitors might even forget the world around them for a while.

Funslope im Skigebiet der Ehrwalder Almbahnen Funslope in Ehrwald

More Highlights

Fun factor guaranteed

For everyone who really has no idea what the name funslope even means, hopefully we can shed some light into the darkness: a funslope is a successful mix of piste, snowpark and cross. Or to put it briefly: the perfect playground in the snow.

As well as the funslope classics such as smaller jumps, fast banked turns and action-packed mogul runs, a few additional highlights await you on the Ehrwald funslope:

  • The speed boost makes every small speedster feel that they are the fastest, and makes impressive acceleration sounds at the same time.
  • On the High Five you can’t go past without being clapped. Enjoy a very loud welcome.
  • At the end of the funslope you will find DIDI the jackdaw, the talking funslope boss, who loudly welcomes each and every daring visitor.
  • And in between is the most spectacular highlight – a combination of spirals, banked turns and funslope provides a good helping of adrenaline and the requisite fun factor.

And since tackling all these obstacles works up an appetite, the brave funslope acrobats can treat themselves to some refreshments afterwards in the Tirolerhaus at the mountain station of the Ehrwalder Almbahn.

Kind beim Skifahren Familypark

Action-packed family fun in the Ehrwald family park

See how varied winter can be at the Zugspitz Resort

You probably recognise this: during a day’s skiing together you suddenly lose your bearings in the funpark. Daredevil snowboarders and skiers are racing past and throwing themselves over dizzyingly high kickers. For a newcomer to the world of freestyle this can be quite intimidating, yet somehow you can’t keep your feet still. And this feeling is not unknown to younger skiers either, when the boxes and jumps look really great fun.

But if the advanced funparks like the Ehrwalder Alm snowpark are still a bit too challenging for you, you don’t need to give up all hope of a freestyle career just yet. Because the Ehrwald family park is not far away – a true highlight for the whole family, and a welcome change from classic piste skiing.

Located right on the Ehrwalder Alm, the Ehrwald Family Park attracts skiers and snowboarders of all ages. It doesn’t matter here whether you have previous experience – it’s all about having fun. Kids, teenagers and adults alike can look forward to three beginner-level kickers and learn their first tricks. Those who don’t want to venture up that high to start with can have a go at sliding on the boxes. Here too there are three: a “Butterbox”, a “Rainbow Butterbox” and a “Flat Down Butterbox” – to give them their technical names.

And since so much action makes you tired and hungry, some well-deserved refreshments are not far off. The Tirolerhaus serves up delicious treats from the Austrian cuisine, because one thing is certain – nothing prepares you for an afternoon filled with jumps and slides as well as a big helping of fluffy, freshly made “Kaiserschmarren” pancakes.

Mädchen im Funslope Maskottchen im Funslope Park

Holiday with children on the Zugspitze

Family skiing paradise in the Tyrolean Alps

A skiing holiday with your children in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena will definitely thrill your little ones too. A varied and attractive children’s programme ensures that not only do your children enjoy a whole load of skiing fun and action, but you can really enjoy your time on the piste too. In the children’s park at the Zugspitz Resort your children will be in the best of hands and can immerse themselves the fun way in the world of winter.

For everyone wanting to learn to ski, there are great ski schools with fond childcare and lots of fun, while for everyone who is already a real snow lover there are definitely enough easy, moderate and difficult pistes just waiting to be explored with the ski instructors.

Leisure fun at the Zugspitz Resort

There’s no chance of your little ones getting bored at the Kids Club in the Zugspitz Resort. Both indoors and outdoors younger guests will find everything a child’s heart could desire. In the indoor area, your youngsters can let off steam in the softball, table tennis and teenagers’ room even when the weather is bad, and of course the Resort’s outdoor play park is a great stomping ground for children in winter too. The heated open-air pool also guarantees plenty of paddling fun in summer and winter alike.

Ehrwald ski school: Children’s World for small skiing fans

In the children’s park your little ones will be looked after all day long in cooperation with the Skischule Total or the Tiroler Skischule. Well-trained ski instructors teach the young skiing aces the art of skiing and snowboarding. The following facilities await you in the family ski resort in Tyrol:

  • Children’s ski courses from as young as 2
  • Ski kindergarten with conveyor lifts
  • Childcare over lunchtime
  • Children’s ski races
  • Ski test races with awards ceremony
  • Children’s climbing in the climbing hall
  • Snow dance of the vampires

Use the many benefits of the children’s park in the Zugspitz Resort when you bring your children skiing in Tyrol. Send us a no-obligation enquiry right now – the hotel team will get in touch immediately with an individual offer for an unforgettable skiing holiday with your children.