Aktive Mile Lermoos-Ehrwald


Sport is essential for body and mind – these days this concept is even more pertinent. Hence the reason why fitness centres enjoyed great popularity for years. In the summer however, the natural surroundings tempt those who are keen to enjoy some exercise to get outside. After all, sport in the fresh air really is good for you, especially when there is a wonderful mountain panorama to take in. Everything that is good makes a reappearance at some time, and so it is that the  Fitness Trail is celebrating its big comeback. Climbing, swinging and balancing - all that and much more is now available for all ages at a total of  19 stations (incl. a Callisthenics area) on the Active Mile Lermoos-Ehrwald. Signage explains how to use the equipment and, depending on your fitness level, exercises can be specifically adapted to suit your needs. 

Frau macht Sportübungen im Wald auf einem Sportgerät Frau macht Sportübung vor Berglandschaft auf einem Outdoor-Fitnessgerät



The idea for the Active Mile came from Co-ordination Trainer and Callisthenics experts from the Austrian Ski Association. But what does this strange term actually mean? Callisthenics (Greek 'beautiful strength') describes training using your own body weight. Around the turn of the millennium, the trend of enjoying sport together in public parks came about in New York. Classic equipment was renounced and instead, bars, pull-up bars and beams were used as  equipment. The aim here was to promote body control and movement by taxing all the muscles in the body. 

Tip: Every Friday from 10:00 there is an opportunity  to train on the Active Mile in a small group, supervised by a professional CrossFit trainer.
Bookable via Lermoos Tourist Office, and free with your Guest Card. Duration: 2-3 hours. Register by Thursday 17:00. 

Frau beim Klettern am Felsen Frau macht Sportübungen im Freien auf einem Sportgerät

Route Outline


The starting point for the path is at the fish farm in Lermoos. From there, proceed over the railway crossing and the railway path heading to Reutte, along the Panoramaweg to Ehrwald. The Callisthenics facility is the end of the route. Here, as well as the training equipment, there are also loungers & seating options available, along with a WC. A path proceeds back to the starting point, heading along the Lussbach. The path can also be tackled in the opposite direction.

Stations in key sections:

  1. Climbing station (railway crossing)
  2. Hang route (railway path to Reutte) 
  3. Balance route (railway path to Reutte) 
  4. Wobble beams (Panoramaweg to Ehrwald to Station 18)
  5. Horizontal bar-Ring combi
  6. Press-ups
  7. Wobble boards
  8. Slalom jump
  9. Diagonal balance and jump boards
  10. Wood bars
  11. Floor grid
  12. Balance rope
  13. Slackline
  14. Sit-ups
  15. Fixed-rope route
  16. Back trainer
  17. Press equipment
  18. Climbing wall
  19. Callisthenics facility (accessible from the end of the Active Mile at the railway viaduct in Ehrwald, over the run route or direct from Ehrwald and Biberwier via Mooswege)