At the peak of globalisation, we are slowly now developing an awareness of what we are actually eating. The quality of the food has long been a core concern for us at the restaurants of the Zugspitz Resort. We have a story to tell about many of our products, becomes they are sourced directly from the local area.

‘Peter goats’ and ‘mobile hens’

Products with a story

One of them is the cheese from the Ziegenpeterhof farm: organic farmer Florian only feeds his animals hay “for a better flavour,” he explains. There is a great deal of talent involved in cheesemaking, skills which his father has passed down to him.

The ‘mobile hens’ at the BieZu Hof farm likely feel just as much at home as the goats do with Florian. Fresh grass and lots of room to graze and peck likewise have a positive impact on quality. Anyone passing the farm store at the Ehrwalder Almbahn valley station can purchase eggs straight from a vending machine and see for themselves.

Regional purchases


Gerade in Hinblick auf den Klimawandel wird der sorgsame Umgang mit unserer Natur immer wichtiger. Darauf basiert auch die Philosophie von Familie Sojer, unserem Partner aus dem Lechtal. In der gleichnamigen Naturkäserei wird ausschließlich Heumilch von Bergbauern verwendet, die Verarbeitung erfolgt mit großer Behutsamkeit. Mit dem gleichen Maß an Sorgfalt kümmert sich Franz Kapeller in Mieming um seine Kartoffeln, die wir in der Zugspitz Küche verwenden. Und dazu passend… ein guter Braten. Bei der Metzgerei Ratzenberger aus Ehrwald stimmt die Qualität. Und in unserer eigenen Landwirtschaft in Lermoos, geht es den Rindern ebenfalls gut.

Veggie Day in the Zugspitz Resort


A good steak, fresh fish, a juicy roast – is it making your mouth water? Ours too, to be honest! But you are certain to know a vegetarian or two. They are everywhere and are increasing in number – in the office, among your friends and family. And here at the Zugspitz Resort, we are also seeing increasing demand for meat-free dishes. What was once seen as something unusual has now developed into the latest trend. Vegetarian (and some vegan) dishes have long been a part of our menu but we have now decided to take things a step further: working with our chef, we have used the time to create lots of new, healthy and tasty veggie dishes. On our ‘Veggie Day’ on Wednesdays, we also have a selection of meat and fish-free dishes as part of our snacks and evening buffet.

What does the chef have to say about it?


Back in the Zugspitz Resort kitchen: chef Gabor Winkler is very happy about it and welcomes the decision to introduce a ‘Veggie Day’. He has long been collecting ideas and recipes for creative vegetarian dishes – challenge accepted! As master of the kitchen, health has always been a passion for the Hungarian-born chef – and less meat means more energy. He is secretly hoping to break the stigma surrounding vegetarian food with his creations. “And in doing so,” he reflects, “perhaps we can reduce our ecological footprint and reduce factory farming”.

Yes, in the longer term perhaps. With our project, we simply aim to take an initial step and encourage you, our valued guests, to try a vegetarian day once a week. And who knows, perhaps you might end up getting a taste for it!