Educational moments on the Zugspitze

Welcome to Europe‘s first little snow crystal world

One of the loveliest moments of all is when it snows in winter for the very first time. Big and little snowflakes try to outshine one another. Let’s see which one reaches the ground first. Or the tree, the rooftop or mountain peak. Before you know it the whole place is blanked in a white coat. It is not just young folk who are delighted by this, adult snow lovers too can hardly wait to get out on their beloved boards.

But where does the snow actually come from? And how do individual snowflakes get their specific shape? Questions that scientists have been thinking about for a long time and which are answered for knowledge-hungry guests from the Zugspitz Resort and right across the region in Europe‘s first snow crystal world.

Head up to the mountain station for Tyrol‘s Zugspitzbahn. Once you get up to 3000 metres it won’t take long to realise where you are heading to. After all, the hexagonal, crystalline building is reminiscent of a supersized snow crystal.

And then you can set about exploring, learning and being amazed. There is also quite a lot of impressive media used:

  • In an upside down glass pyramid there are virtual crystals hovering. They show the various different snow crystal shapes that occur depending on the temperature.
  • A kaleidoscope shows different crystal shapes that grow on the earth’s surface (hoar frost, cup crystals, needle ice). The shapes appear on an impressive 3D sphere.
  • A scaled-up model of a snow crystal made from acrylic whisks visitors off into the inspirational realm of crystal.
  • The central element in the exhibit is the snow crystal thermometer. It reveals the many different snow crystal shapes in the guise of a round curtain.

Nothing is spared when it comes to teaching small and big guests exciting facts about the realm of the snow crystal. Come and see for yourself and plan an educational day with your family. The team at Zugspitz Resort are happy to help.

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