Massages and treatments: your time out at the Zugspitz Resort

Pampering, relaxation and regeneration

Clear your mind, let yourself go and lose yourself in an endless feeling of well-being: experience relaxation in its most wonderful form with our massages and body treatments. Make tension a thing of the past and recharge your batteries. Our pampering treatments rapidly regenerate your mind and body.

Massages at the Zugspitze resort
Relax with a massage

Body treatments on your wellness holiday in Tyrol

Relaxing and beneficial: treat your mind and body to some relaxation with body treatments and applications using excellent quality oils specifically tailored to you.

Mud wraps
Body treatments with mud wraps. The heat allows the wrap's ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin and therefore leads to relaxation of the muscles. (Lasts approx. 25 minutes / price €39.00)

Mud wrap with half body massage
Enjoy the beneficial effect of the wrap combined with a half body massage.
(Lasts approx. 50 minutes / price €63.00)

Cupping therapy
After first oiling the skin, special cups are placed on the skin for several minutes in order to create suction. The therapy is designed to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. It is ideal as a detox therapy, to supplement a diet, and to treat cellulite because it fortifies and firms the skin. This healing therapy has been used in Asia for centuries. (Lasts approx. 30 min / price €40,00 or approx. 50 min / price €75,00)

Manual lymph drainage for body or face
The lymphatic system is stimulated through the gentle and generous application of pressure. This treatment, in which the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, is especially recommended for oedema, the sensation of heavy legs, fasting diets, and burn out. It's pure relaxation for the body and the face!
(Last approx. 50 min / price €69,00)

Wellness treatments in Tyrol
Your time out at the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

Herbal wraps using Tyrolean mountain herb extracts
Enjoy the fragrance and effect of beneficial mountain herbs on your skin.
(Lasts approx. 25 minutes / price €39.00)

Herbal wrap with half body massage
Complement a balancing herbal wrap with a half body massage.
(Lasts approx. 50 minutes / price €64.00)

Liver compress
This treatment should take place between 12:00 and 2:00 pm (liver function). The liver receives plenty of circulation and its efficiency is dramatically increased thereby allowing purification to take place.
(Lasts approx. 20 minutes / €25.00)

Honey massage
The massage opens the pores and allows skin to breathe more freely. In addition, the honey massage alleviates pain, is calming and detoxifying due to the honey's ingredients.
(Lasts approx. 50 minutes / €69.00)

Massages at the Active & Family Resort Tiroler Zugspitze

Regenerate your mind and body with massages specifically tailored to you. Excellent quality oils support their effects and are a source for new vitality. Beneficial, revitalising and relaxing at the same time.

Full body massage
Releases muscle tension, stimulates circulation and loosens up and strengthens muscles.
(Lasts approx. 50 minutes / price €59.00)

Full body aromatherapy massage
Beneficial, relaxing massage using warm essential oils. A massage for the mind, body and soul.
(Lasts approx. 50 minutes / price €69.00)

This is the ideal combination of a back massage and reflexology. It releases the tension in the back then activates and harmonises the entire organism.
(Lasts approx. 50 minutes / price €72.00)

Healthy treatments at your holiday
Moments of silence to enjoy

Petra’s special massage
Boosts energy levels – stimulates the lymph system. This full-body massage developed specially by Petra over the years is a soothing experience for the body and soul. Skilful strokes and massage techniques are used to re-balance the flow of energy from bottom to top, from the feet to the face. Muscle tensions are relieved one area at a time and the spine is stretched out.
(Lasts approx. 75 minutes / price €95.00)

Ayurveda full-body massage
Indulgence for all the senses Ayurveda massage is part of an ancient Indian tradition and form of healing which dates back over 5000 years. As part of this massage technique, the body is pampered and stimulated with warm oils. It allows you to set your soul free and savour the positive effects of this massage technique.
(Lasts approx. 50 minutes / price €82.00)

Healthy treatments at your holiday
Moments of silence to enjoy

Head and neck massage
Helps restore balance with stress and tension and can get rid of tension headaches.
(Lasts approx. 35 minutes / price €45.00)

Half body massage (back and neck)
Ideal for tension in the neck and shoulder area and in the back or with tired legs. Improves circulation, relaxes muscles.
(Lasts approx. 25 minutes / price €35.00)

Sports massage
Strained muscles recover much quicker, especially after physical exertion. They feel fresher and more energised. Ideal for recovering after a mountain tour or active day.
(Lasts approx. 25 minutes / €45.00)

All a person's organs, joints and body parts have corresponding reflexology points on the foot, these can be influenced using appropriate pressure point massage. This stimulates the body's power to heal itself, gets rid of tension and blockages and highlights areas of weak energy.
(Lasts approx. 30 minutes / price €42.00)

Hot Stone massage
The healthy application of heat during a hot-stone massage relaxes the muscles, promotes metabolism and has a positive effect on the nervous system.
(Lasts approx. 50 minutes / price €89.00)

Important information:

Massage appointments can be booked from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Making an appointment: It is best to make appointments before your arrive or at reception.

Payment: The treatments are charged directly to your hotel room. Naturally, you can also pay for treatments in cash, debit card or credit card at reception.

Cancellation terms and conditions: Appointments must be cancelled at least 4 hours before the treatment. We hope you understand that we will have to charge you the full amount if you do not comply with our cancellation terms and conditions.

Take your time: Please always arrive a few minutes before your appointment, if possible. Get in the mood for your treatment with meditation music and pleasant fragrances. You are also welcome to enjoy our Ehrwald mountain spring water after your treatment. We do recommend though that you take some time to rest afterwards to let the effect of the treatment fade.

Clothing: You should be completely naked for full body and aromatherapy massages. You will be covered up during the massage and only the areas being massaged will be exposed. Please remove your jewellery and watches for all the massages.

A relaxing holiday at the foot of the Zugspitze

Would you like to really totally relax for once and think that the Zugspitz Resort surrounded by the Tyrolean Alps could be just the right place for this? Discover the many possibilities that your active and wellness holiday in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena holds and take the first step now with a non-binding enquiry!

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