Kid’s Water Park

Water action for kids

Great news for all those who love splashing around in wild waters and whirling down spectacular slides: Zugspitz Resort will soon have its own water park! Having started construction at the end of August, we will open this year’s winter season with our new water park. On an area of approximately 700 m², there’s something to keep all ages entertained, including a double competition slide, an adventure pool with a pirate ship, a baby pool, four more slides and many other attractions.

Some of the pictures below are sample images of Zugspitz Resort’s attractions that will be accessible by the end of December 2018.

Water action on 700m²

  • 120m competition slide
  • 3 more slides in the adventure pool
  • toddler pool with pirate ship and action platform
  • baby pool with "Speedo" elephant slide
  • heated children ooutdoor pool

For Big Children

Body²Racer – Competition Double Slide

Ready – steady – GO! The Body²Racer slide starts with 2 tubes at a height of 11 metres. After about 20 metres of sliding, you will see who’s ahead in the race when the two tubes run together. A time measurement display at the finish line will give you a clear result at the end. A highlight for all the adrenalin junkies out there!

  • Minimum age 6 years
  • 2 tubes side by side with a length of 120 m
  • race lights and entertainment start
  • time measurement display and split time
  • winner/loser score at the finish line
  • LED light effects

For the Little Ones

Baby Pool

  • apporox. 40m² water area
  • water depth: 20 to 25 cm
  • "Speedo" elephant slide
  • Nemo
  • splash frog „Froggy“

Heated Outdoor Children´s Pool (only in summer)

  • approx. 25 m² water area
  • two pools with different water depths
  • both pools are connected by a connection slide
  • water mushroom in the upper pool

For Adventurers

Adventure Pool

  • minimum age: 4 years
  • approx. 70 m² water area
  • water depth: 30 to 35 cm
  • approx. 30 m tube slide – from the age of 6
  • approx. 15 m open slide – 4 to 12 years
  • water playground outside of the pool
  • Action Platform
    • jungle bridge – approx. 6 m
    • crawl tube with netted tunnel (suspended) – approx. 8 m long
    • climbing net for access
    • bridge with steps
    • 3D water cannons
    • 25 l barrel to topple
    • water wheel
    • Archimedean spiral
    • gold sluice
  • Pirate ship with deck and mast
    • approx. 6 m length
    • steering wheel and antique cannon on deck
  • TRIO-Slide – 3 slides side by side – from the age of 5
    • free fall slide
    • broad slide
    • wave slide


Slide Area
1) Competition double slide, 2) Closed tube slide, 3) Open slide, 4) TRIO slide

Adventure Pool
5) Pirate ship, 6) Action platform, A) Jungle bridge, B) Crawl tube, C) Climbing net, 7) Water playground

Baby Pool
8) "Speedo" Elephant Slide, 9) Splash Frog "Froggy", 10) Nemo

Outdoor Area
11) Heated outdoor children's pool (only in summer), 12) Sun terrace

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