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A Camping Holiday in the Mountains

The Huber Family Discovers Glamping

Grüne Fahnen im Zugspitz Resort

Camping Joy at the Zugspitz Resort

Where family dreams come true 

Let us introduce the Huber Family from Großstadt: Ernst (45), head of the household and banker, Sabine (42), passionate mother and self-employed designer, Tobias (14), “enthusiastic” teenager and Maxi (6), an untiring adventurer. Camping has always been in the family’s blood and has become an annual tradition for them. This year, however, the Hubers were longing for a little more luxury. Sabine, the mother, had stumbled across the glamping concept at the Zugspitz Resort during her research and immediately convinced the whole family to give it a go.  The Hubers set off early in the morning, the car fully packed. Leaving the traffic chaos of the city behind them, they travel at lighting speed towards Tirol. The landscape begins to change, the first hills slowly emerge on the horizon, gradually turning into steep mountains with rugged rock faces.

Campingplätze im Sommer im Zugpsitz Resort

Comfort Pitches & the Zugspitz Shop

The Hubers reach the Zugspitz Resort just in time for lunch. Mother Sabine's timing proving once again unbeatable, the newly built comfort pitch (one of 40) ready and waiting for them. Tobias’ stomach growls - in the rush of leaving, the family had forgotten to eat breakfast.  “You can find something to eat next door in the Zugspitz Shop!” the Huber's neighbour kindly calls. With some hasty steps, the four head over to the resort’s own shop, where they are pleasantly surprised by fresh bread and sweet-smelling coffee. Whilst little Maximilian sips on his cocoa, the father inspects the products in the shop, pausing in front of the camping supplies. “There really is nothing missing here”, he says as a true connoisseur. Maxi wobbles back and forth restlessly and gazes mesmerised out the window. Where is that white slide, which had looked so exciting from outside? “Are you going to come with me to the Water World Tobi?” he asks with an expectant look. The older brother is has just started to enjoy the good Wi-Fi Connection, but finally agrees.  

Der Außenpool vom Zugpsitz Resort
Die Innenrutsche vom Garten aus gesehen
Kinder in der Wasserrutsche
Kinderkino-Saal im Zugpsitz Resort
Ansicht Sommer Zugspitz Resort

Water Worlds & Pleasure

Upon arrival at the Water World, the view opens towards a true children's paradise -  an adventure pool, in whose centre small discoverers are setting sail on a “real” pirate shop and enjoying a water wheel, a tube slide, a jungle bridge, a “TRIO-Slide” and last but not least, the powerful Body2Racer double competition slide. Even Tobias’s mouth stays wide open and he immediately challenges his little brother to a slide race. Both have so much fun that time flies by. Father Ernst eventually has to intervene and retrieve the boys for dinner. Usually the Hubers would use their gas cooker conjure up “culinary delights”. The camping kitchen in the Zugspitz Resort, however, is equipped with a dishwasher and fridge, and therefore arouses real excitement. Today, spaghetti cooked by mother Sabine is served, but tomorrow the family will treat themselves to an à la carte meal in the Zirbenstube restaurant. After the culinary feast, the kids are completely transfixed by a film in the children's cinema, whilst the father and mother Huber explore the resort's own bar. There, the two join their pitch neighbour, who has tried out the summer toboggan run with his family today and been out and about in the Tyrolean Zugspitzarena using the Z-Ticket over the past few days. The Hubers make a note to also get one of these, the sooner the better, as it could come in handy on tomorrow's walk to the Tiroler Haus.

Do the same as the Huber family and opt for a 5* camping holiday here at the foot of the Zugspitze.

We can't wait to meet you and your family!

Your hosts Philipp and Johannes
and the whole Zugspitz Resort Team

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